No one is but not having a relationship with your doctor negatively impacts your health!

The Men’s Health Network (MHN) reports that men die at higher rates than women from heart diseasecancerstrokepneumonia, diabetes, and accidents.  In fact, men die at higher rates than women for ALL of the top 10 causes of death.

“Any human being who is not connected to a physician to screen for major health problems is at greater risk (of disease and death),” says Jean Bonhomme, MD, MPH, a board member of the MHN.

The biggest problem that men have is not so much a specific disease, but the diseases are the result of lack of health care monitoring earlier in life. He cites the progression of heart disease as an example: “If you don’t get your cholesterol checked when it’s going high when you’re 20, and if don’t get your blood pressure checked when it’s going high when you’re 30, maybe your blood sugar’s getting a little high when you’re 40, what do you think is going to happen when you’re 50?”

Prevention is paramount for a man’s health and getting timely guidance from a doctor can keep a small problem from turning into a big one. Knowing the facts, being proactive, and taking advantage of the numerous advancements in healthcare today can make all the difference in a man’s quality of – and length of – life.

Guys, even if you think you’re in fantastic health, go see your doctor.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  The doc confirms that you’re healthy?