In 2016, Dr. Mark Anderson of Executive Medicine of Texas had a conversation with a professional friend about how healthcare had become sick care in the United States.  He lamented the fact that he spent too much of his time treating chronic illnesses that were the results of poor lifestyle choices.

How could he better promote wellness and be a resource for healthy living?

The Age & Integrative Medicine Society (AIMS) was born!

AIMS is dedicated to bringing optimal health and well-being to individuals and the community.  We are a group of healthcare professionals, organizations, and philanthropists who are concerned about the incidence of chronic disease and the devastating impact it has on public health.  Physical and mental health, quality of life, mobility, and mortality are all compromised AND healthcare costs continue to skyrocket!

AIMS partners with organizations and individuals to make prevention and wellness a top priority.  Through education, we are tackling the incidence of chronic disease, particularly in children, head on.

Please consider supporting AIMS as we strive to improve quality of life and health outcomes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth community.